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Recently Added. additions to our list of top class dances. Dances marked with * are old dances we realised were missing from our site these were great dances back in the day and we don't see why you can't still enjoy these great dances to top country music,

Once You Know, You Newegg 
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March 2015  
Bad Bad Things Gonna Know We Were Here
Baby I See You Ireland
Just Call Me Angel Easy Livin
God Bless a Country Girl Blues Ain't News
Your Side of Town Little Box
Girl In A Country Song I Promise
Gentle On My Mind Sounds Like Love
Like Father Like Son Grapefuit-Juicy Fruit
Tall Tales
April 2015
The Galway Gathering NC1
Country Jukebox Tuxedo
Once In A Lifetime Just Be You
Keep It Going Memphis Love
Nothin In It Chasing You Around
Silverado An Ordinary Girl
Carved In Stone Sweet Southern Comfort
500 Reasons Silverado
Gypsy's Kiss Whole 9 Yards
Lonely Eyes Anything
Upside Down Buzzin'


People Are Crazy

People Are Crazy
Choreographed by Gaye Teather
Description: 64 count, 4 wall, beginner intermediate line dance
Music: People Are Crazy - Little Bit of Everything by Billy Currington [CD: Little Bit Of Everything Available on iTunes]
32 count intro

1 - 4 Step right forward, scuff left forward, step left forward, scuff right forward
5 - 8 Rock right forward, recover to left, rock right to side, recover to left

See full script

Little Bluff

Little Bluff
Choreographer: Robbie McGowan Hickie
32 Count: 4 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner Improver Line Dance
Music: You Lied to Me - Love Lessons Tracy Byrd

Dance Rotates CW

Forward Rock, Walk Back x 2 Back Rock Kick Ball Change
1 - 2 Rock forward on right, recover onto left
3 - 4 Walk back right, left
option: Two half turns right stepping right, left
5 - 6 Rock back on right recover onto left
7 & 8 Kick right forward step right beside left, step left in place

see Full script

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