Introduction to Line Dancing

How To Line Dance

On this page you will find a link to flash files that show how the basic line dance steps should look, these are not meant as a serious teach, and you should remember that there is no substitute for a good class. You Tube Video's where we can we will link directly to good line dance videos that show beginners the basics.

If you've never seen line dancing you may be wondering what it is and what's all the fuss about. Firstly line dancing is exactly what it sounds like people dancing in lines to music usually all doing the same steps, except for when we have senior moments and then anything can happen and usually does. Don't worry this all adds to the fun. Although originally done to country music you will now find line dancing classes that dance to just about any type of music.

Clogging and ancient form of line dancing here is a brilliant example of the art of clogging.


What's All The Fuss About?

What is all the fuss about, well line dancing is probably the most socially rewarding experience you can have. It's about lots of like minded people getting together having fun and learning dances, a gentle social exercise. We often say it's the best fun you can have while keeping your clothes on.

We suggest that if we've whetted your appetite find a class in your area or probably a few and check them out. Your bound to find one that will suit your needs and taste. A good magazine with lots of classes listed in different areas is UP Country. They also have some good articles about country music artist and each month they publish some good dance scripts.

Basic Steps

Grapevine you tube video


Coaster Steps and More

Coaster steps You Tube Video


Sailor Steps You Tube Video


Jazz Box You Tube Video


Shuffles - You Tube Video