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Line Dancing and Country Music!

We love and promote country music and really believe that line dancing and country music go together like a stetsun and chaps. So this page is dedicated to some of our favourite country music artist

The flash file below shows just some of our favourite country music artist,

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female artist

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Male artist

Alan Jackson

Perhaps our favourite country artist of all time

Alan Jackson has sold over 25 million songs, and won literally dozens of awards in fact he won seven in one night at the CMA awards.

Despite all this success he remains a simple country boy, born in Newnan, Georgia This soft spoken superstar manages to turn out thoughful but never trite country songs year after year.

He will always be remembered for the utterly thought provoking yet deeply moving tribute song Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning.  Those who have heard this tribute song written in the immediate Aftermath of 9/11, will immediately recognise a true poet.  It would have been so easy to lash out or be morbid yet Alan just simply and elonquently ask why.

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