Turn That Crown

Choreographer: Marianne Langagne
Description 32 Count 4 Wall Improver Line Dance
Music: Turn That Crown Upside Down - Beggin' for More by Kyle Park

Intro 32 Counts

Step Forward Right & Left (out, out), Back Triple, Coaster Step, Slide Forward
1-2 Stomp RF Forward (Out), Stomp LF Forward (Out)
3&4 RF Back & together, RF Back
5&6 LF Back & together, LF Forward
7-8 Slide Forward (RF), Together

Heel Switches, Slide To The Right, Heel Switches, Slide Back, Touch
1&2 R Heel Forward & Together, L Heel Forward
&3-4 Together (&), Slide to the R, Together
5&6 R Heel Forward & Together, L Heel Forward
&7-8 Together (&), Slide Back (RF), Touch L near RF*

Restart : Here at 3rd wall (6h), and at 6th wall (12h) (*LF near RF to restart the dance)

Triple Forward With Left 1/4 Turn, Step Left 1/4 Turn, Vaudeville
1&2 L. 1/4 Turn LF Forward & Together, LF Forward
3-4 RF Forward, L 1/4 Turn
5&6 Cross RF before LF & LF to the L, R Heel diagonaly Forward
&7&8 RF behind LF (&), Cross LF before RF & RF to the R & L Heel diagonaly Forward

Together, Step Left 1/4 Turn, Side Triple on Left Point R&L&R (Switches), Clap X 2
&1-2 Together (&), RF Forward, L.1/4 Turn
3&4 RF near LF & LF to the L, RF near LF
&5&6 LF to the L (&), R point to the R, & RF near LF, L point to the L
&7&8 LF near RF (&), R point to the R, Clap, Clap

Final: The dance ends with 1&2 Triple Forward with Left 1/4 Turn,
For the final, make then 3-4 RF Forward, L 1/2 Turn

Smile and Start again

LF: Left foot - RF: Right foot

Contact : www.animcountry-m-m.fr - eujeny_62@yahoo.fr