Blues & Greys

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Blues & Greys
Choreographed by Carl Edwards
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance
MusicUnion Mare by Easy-Rider

Toe Touches, Sailor Step, Toe Touches, Sailor Step
1 - 2 Touch right toe forward, touch right toe to right
3 & 4 Right sailor step (behind, side, replace)
5 - 6 Touch left toe forward, touch left toe to left
7 & 8 Left sailor step (behind, side, replace)

Right Shuffle, Left Turning Shuffle, Rock Replace, Kick Ball Change
9 & 10 Right forward shuffle (step, close, step)
11 & 12 Left forward shuffle making half turn over right shoulder
13 - 14 Rock back on right foot, recover onto left foot
15 & 16 Right kick-ball-change

Right Shuffle, Left Shuffle, Step, Pivot 1/4 Turn, Kick Ball Change
17 & 18 Right forward shuffle (step, close, step)
19 & 20 Left forward shuffle (step, close, step)
21 - 22 Step forward on right foot, pivot quarter turn to left
23 & 24 Right kick-ball-change

Rock, Replace, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Rock Replace, Coaster Step
25 - 26 Rock forward on right foot, recover onto left foot
27 & 28 Right shuffle making half turn over right shoulder
29 - 30 Rock forward on left foot, recover onto right foot
31 & 32 Left coaster step (back, together, forward) *

On counts 31&32 you can replace the coaster with a triple step making a full turn on left, right, left, leaving the right foot free to start the dance again


The dance ends on counts 15&16 on the kick-ball-change. As this ends exactly with the music, replace the kick-ball-change with a kick-ball-stomp, stomping the left foot forward and spreading the arms out as a finishing pose

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